Review of 4RaBet

We invite you to read our review of 4RaBet. In our review we wanted to objectively show the different sides of the platform. Both pros and cons. We will also take a look at 

  • main provisions, 
  • site features, 
  • the rules for interacting with it. 

Each section of the overview will tell you something most important.

The first thing to do is to look at the interface of the official 4RaBet website. 

The 4RaBet website operates in several ways. 

  • Sports betting with a focus on India is a priority activity. 
  • The second category in which the 4RaBet platform operates is online casinos. 

You’ll be provided with a wide range of all sorts of sports matches. As well as some of the highest odds on the Indian online casino market. 

4RaBet is the official website providing betting services and online casino facilities for people in India. 

The site offers great opportunities for its customers: 

  • easy registration, 
  • mobile app, 
  • nice perks, 
  • A great online casino, 
  • legal online betting, 
  • user-friendly interface. 

In this overview, we take a brief look at all the main aspects of the casino, as well as the sections of the website. 

You will learn what bets you can place, what the difference between Indian bookmakers and all other bookmakers is, what bonuses the site offers you, how you can register and what is important to consider when interacting with the 4RaBet online platform. 

So, basic information about the bookmaker 4RaBet. 

  • The organisation was founded four years ago, in 2018. 
  • The main focus is on the Indian market for the provision of gambling services.
  • All customers will have access to bets on various sports. 
  • Sports events on both traditional sports and those popular in India are available. For example, you can bet on cricket. 
  • The online platform offers a variety of betting categories: cyber sports betting, traditional betting, live betting. 
  • The format of 4RaBet’s online odds platform is pleasing. 
  • You will be presented with five different types of odds: American, European, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hong Kong-based betting. 
  • Users have the option of chatting to technical support and contacting technical support in a number of ways: online chat, telegram, email. 
  • The welcome bonus is pleasing in size. You can get up to a 200% increase on your first deposit. 
  • The 4RaBet online platform also offers a large number of deposit methods. 
  • Among the payment solutions for the 4RaBet deposit you will find: cryptocurrency, PayTm, skrill, neteller. 
  • The online platform’s interface supports several languages: English, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, and so on. 
  • You can see the full list under the tab for the replacement language. 
  • The online platform’s software is suitable for both personal computers and mobile phones. 
  • You can also download a mobile app for android and iOS systems and there are restrictions on the minimum deposit amount as well as the maximum winnings amount. 

Read more about all the conditions.

Bookmaker and sports betting at 4RaBet. 

Today, there are a large number of betting shops available for India. Each offers different types of betting as well as odds. In this overview, you will find out which sports activities you can bet on. 

And how to start betting on sports on the 4RaBet website. The 4RaBet website will give you access to various types of bets, on all sorts of sporting events at various levels. 

In the standings you will see the ranking of the competition, and you will also be able to choose your sport. Traditional sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis and so on will be available to you. 

However, the Indian section of the population is most interested in entertainment such as cricket. The ability to bet on cricket is a major advantage of the 4RaBet online platform. 

Cricket on 4RaBet. 

Cricket is a game that has become traditional in India. Cricket originated centuries ago in Britain. After England, cricket spread all over the world. However, it is most popular in India today. Cricket is loved by the people of India and the number of fans in India is one of the biggest. On the days of cricket championships, betting shops take huge number of bets.

Cricket is a team game with a ball and a wooden bat. The point of the game is to score a goal against your opponent. Two small wickets in the middle of the field of play are used as goals. 

In order for you to place a bet on cricket you need to: 
  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • on the home page, go to the «sports betting» section, 
  • in the left-hand menu, select the cricket game category, 
  • choose the level of the match, 
  • determine the rate and confirm your actions. 

Online betting will also be available to you. Live streaming is another cool feature from the 4RaBet website. 

The live stream allows you to bet on the course of the match. You will also be able to bet not only on the outcome of the event, but also on the current event. In this way, you can increase your chances of winning. In order to bet on any other sport, such as snooker, football and so on. You need to follow these instructions. 

Only registered users can bet on cricket, and other sports.

You need to form your own opinion on sports betting. As we have already mentioned, there will be different types of odds available to you. According to some users, the odds on the 4RaBet website meet their needs. 

You will also need to familiarise yourself with the different odds formats. 

The odds at the 4RaBet betting shop. 

The odds are the criteria that allow you to estimate your final winnings relative to your bet. That is, the odds are a metric that changes your bet. Ratios can be applied according to different principles. For example, there are decimal odds, or fractional odds. 

Depending on the type of odds, its impact on your bet changes. As we said earlier, there are five types of odds available to you at 4RaBet. Before you start betting, familiarise yourself with how these odds affect it.

Online casinos at 4RaBet. 

Online casinos provide you with several sections of gambling entertainment at once: slots, slots aviator, free slots, mobile slots. 

In order to move to an online casino you need to: 
  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • go to the home page of the official 4RaBet website 
  • in the menu, select the «casino» section, 
  • select the «online casino» section.

A special feature of the 4RaBet online casino is that all the entertainment is presented in a virtual format. All types of games are virtual slots. The only exception is made for the live casino. As it is one of the most popular positions. 

So, first things first. 


Slots at the 4RaBet online casino are traditional slot machines that are popular all over the world. In almost all online casinos you will see slots. However, they will differ in variety, quantity, quality of software and reaction speed. The principle behind all slots is the same. It has survived since the days of the mechanical slot machine. Concludes in the fact that it is necessary to activate the rotating drum. On the drum are drawn various symbols. After spinning, you place a bet and wait for the reels to come to a complete stop. This game usually takes a few seconds. Luck plays a major role in this game. 

Because there is no way you can plan the course of events. At 4RaBet, a random number generator is responsible for the activity of the slot machine. This way you will get an objective result in every game. 

If you want to take a more active part in the game, consider other forms of entertainment. For example, cards, roulette or blackjack. You can also try your luck at sports betting. However, sports betting requires a wide range of knowledge and erudition.


This card game is also available in virtual format on the 4RaBet website. You can find different variations and versions of black jack they can differ dramatically from each other, so it’s worth learning their rules. Generally, everyone starts with the classic black jack. 

In order to play blackjack you will need to register and log in to your account at 4RaBet. 


Roulette at 4RaBet is also available as a virtual game. The variety of roulette on 4RaBet can amaze even a seasoned player. A wide range of roulette options will be available to you: 

  • European, French, American, express roulette and so on. 

On the online platform you can choose the option that suits you best. The principle of roulette has also been around since the 19th century. It is a spinning wheel divided into sections. When the wheel stops, you will know who has won. The sections of the roulette wheel have numbers on them. 

The number is determined either by the roll of the die or by the pointer on the roulette wheel itself. 

In the online version of roulette, a random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the game. You can place different bets on roulette: 

  • per number, per colour, per colour and number, per number range. 

You can also bet on a single section, the zero. This is highlighted in green on the roulette wheel. 

Online poker. 

Online poker is a game for those who love poker. It is provided by a virtual entertainment provider. It also has the appearance of an online game. In order to play it, you need to know the rules of poker. Understand the different card combinations. 

Live casino at 4RaBet. 

A live casino involves playing through a video link. In this way, you can get closer to the feeling of being in the gaming room. Playing at 4RaBet live casino you will be watching the action online. This game is popular at all online venues. 

That’s why all gambling entertainment providers try to provide an online casino experience. You will be surprised by the quality of live casino streaming on the 4RaBet website. You can also choose from different types of online casino entertainment. 

In order to bet in a live casino, you will need to 

  • register and log in to your personal account. 
  • From the top menu, select the «casino» section and the «live casino» subsections. 
  • After that, you can start placing your bets.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact our technical support chat room. 

The advantages of online casinos over other platforms. 

The 4RaBet online casino has a number of advantages that have made it the preferred casino for a large number of users. 

We will now list the main ones. It is up to you to decide on the right choice. 

  • The 4RaBet website uses a system of encryption and protection of personal data. You are offered a large number of different deposit systems. There are also various ways to withdraw money. 
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day. 
  • A website with games and betting is available to you 4RaBet hours a day. 
  • Good technical equipment of the site. High-quality software. 
  • A handy mobile app. 
  • Friendly technical support staff. 
  • A wide variety of bonuses. 
  • Detailed instructions on how to interact with the resource.

Registration on the 4RaBet website. 

If you want to start betting and playing at an online casino, you will need to register. 

Registering at 4RaBet is a relatively simple, but necessary, procedure. We will now list the basic steps to register. We will describe each step in detail. 

We will tell you what you need to do at each stage of the registration process. 

Registration is the creation of your account. You need it so that you can access your account, make deposits, place bets and withdraw your winnings. 

Only registered players can place full-fledged bets and collect their winnings. 

Take the registration process seriously and make sure you give correct and truthful information about yourself. 

So, the registration procedure consists of steps: 
  1. You need to go to the official 4RaBet web page. 
  2. From the top menu, select the «register» button. 
  3. You will then need to enter the following details: email address, choice of currency, password. 
  4. If necessary, use a promo code that will allow you to use the bonus. 
  5. Select the welcome bonus position on the registration menu, activate it. 
  6. Accept the user agreement, privacy policy. 
  7. Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the online platform and confirm your age of majority. 
  8. Confirm your action by pressing the «register» button.

After completing registration in this way, the system will redirect you to the «deposit» function. 

If you are satisfied with your deposit, the system will redirect you to the 4RaBet homepage. You will then have unrestricted access to all the resources and sections of the site.

Log in to your personal account.

Logging in to your personal account is also called authorisation. 

Authorisation takes place by entering your email address and password into the website system. Once you are logged into your personal account, you are required to make a deposit. 

Making a deposit on the 4RaBet website. 

Deposits can be made as quickly as possible. 

  • To do this, you need to log in. 
  • After logging into your personal account, find the «deposit» section in your account. 
  • When you click on this button, various payment solutions will open to you. 
  • Choose the one that suits you best. 
  • Determine the amount to be paid and confirm your action. 
  • Once the money has been deposited, you will be able to bet on sports and play online casino games. 

Withdrawal from 4RaBet online casino.

In order to withdraw your winnings, you will need to carry out a number of manipulations: 

  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • under «deposit», select the «withdrawal» function, 
  • enter the required figure,
  • confirm their actions. 

Also select a payment system for the withdrawal. Please note that you must use the same payment system that was used to make the deposit. 

There may be a slight time delay in the withdrawal of winnings. It will all depend on the payment system chosen. 

4RaBet website software.

4RaBet works with top gambling brands. You’ll find a large number of providers whose names are widely known. 

Among them will be 

  • Betsoft, playtek, microgaming and so on. 

Each of these providers provides a wide range of entertainment. This is a small fraction of the providers and online developers collaborating with the 4RaBet website among other attractions, you will also have access to the most popular ones: 

  • Santa’s book, the temple of the sun, the three sevens, the gems, the Olympic gods, the Egyptian sun, the pharaoh’s empire and so on. 

This is the top rated entertainment at all online casinos in high quality.

4RaBet mobile app. 

The software of the 4RaBet website itself is designed to a high standard. Consequently, you won’t have any difficulty using the online platform from either a personal computer or a mobile phone.

The official website adapts to your screen diagonal and operating system. However, for maximum ease of use of the platform from your mobile phone, we recommend downloading the app. 

The 4RaBet official website app is designed for two mobile phone systems: 

  1. android, 
  2. iOS. 

Depending on which operating system your mobile phone is running on, choose the appropriate app. In order to use the app you will need to:

  • Go to the official 4RaBet website, 
  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • go to the «apps» section, 
  • click on the desired link, 
  • download a mobile app to your phone, 
  • set up, 
  • log in to your personal account from your phone in the app. 

After that I will be able to access the full functionality of the official 4RaBet website. In order for the app to install correctly, check your phone’s memory. Also, your phone must be in good working order and free of viruses.

Bonuses from online platform 4RaBet. 

The 4RaBet online platform offers several bonus options: 

  • no deposit bonus, 
  • promo code 2022. 

These are exclusive bonuses that offer rewards for both registering and being active on the site. 

The most important is the welcome bonus. 

At the time of writing, the welcome bonus gives 200% of your first deposit on sports betting. The welcome bonus only applies to new users.

How to claim your welcome bonus from the 4RaBet website. 

In order to claim your 4RaBet welcome bonus you must complete the following steps: 

  1. go to the official 4RaBet website, 
  2. go to the «registration» section, 
  3. fill in the registration form, 
  4. select in the questionnaire the possibility of a welcome bonus, 
  5. tick the box next to the word «welcome bonus», 
  6. confirm their actions, 
  7. make a deposit. 

The welcome bonus will only apply to a first-time user’s personal account. 

Once you have registered, there will be two accounts in your personal account. 

  • The real score, 
  • bonus account. 

A personal account is a real account, funded by the player himself. Bonus account is the number of bonuses the player has received during betting. 

In order to apply the bonuses successfully, you will need to fulfil the conditions for wagering. Each bonus will have its own conditions for application. Read the bonus rules carefully and investigate them. If the system detects an infringement, it may deactivate your bonus account.

  1. In addition, two types of welcome bonus will be available for new players: the sports betting welcome bonus, 
  2. a welcome bonus for an online casino. 

As you can see, this is already the first condition for using the bonus. If you use the bonus for sports betting, you can only spend it in the betting shop section. The same principle applies to the online casino bonus. 

Also take into account the deposit amount, and the implementation period of the bonus. 

Technical support for the 4RaBet website. 

Technical Support performs player support functions. You have the option of contacting technical support via online chat, e-mail or by telegram. Initially, try to solve the problem yourself. If you can’t, get in touch with Technical Support. Write to them and wait for your reply.


As you can see, the online platform 4RaBet offers a wide range of gambling activities. However, we, as the reviewers, want to remind you that this is just entertainment. Don’t think of betting on sports and online casinos as the only way to make money. It’s just a pleasant pastime for fun. 

You can play on your own. However, you are not allowed to use your account for commercial purposes. 

It is also forbidden to involve underage children in the site’s activities and to fund the account with other people’s money. 

Please obey the laws of your state and act in accordance with them. If you feel addicted to gambling, you may need specialist help. 

We also recommend that you do not spend all your free time gambling. We recommend that you only use surplus money for betting. Do not use money for gambling that is intended for the necessities of life.


How long does it take to register?

A few minutes.

Are there any bets on cricket?

Yes. There are cricket bets

How do I can make a deposit?

There are several top-up systems. They are explained in detail in this overview.